Habitat Dates

1st Oct-28th Feb 2017 Victorian Recreational Fishing Grants Program- 2016/17 Large grants program


1st Nov-30th Nov 2016 Waterway Management Twinning Program - Glenelg Hopkins CMA


9th Nov-11th Nov 2016 25th NSW Coastal Conference, Coffs Harbour, NSW

The Annual NSW Coastal Conference celebrates its "25th Anniversary" and is the country's longest running coastal management conference. The conference will bring together over 220 delegates from around Australia who are interested in or working within the field of coastal and estuary management research, education and service provision and policy. As well as representatives from government, user groups and community volunteer organisations.


19th Nov-23rd Nov 2016 Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia & the New Zealand Ecological Society conference, Hamilton NZ


21st Nov-21st Nov 2016 World Fisheries Day