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A Glossary of terms and phrases that you might come across in the fish habitat literature.

Fish information (also see Fish Facts)

What fish is this? A guide to freshwater fish in NSW

Being Fish-Friendly

7 Key Tips for a Fish Friendly Farm

Fishes on Cotton Farms

10 Top Tips for a Fish Friendly Council

Fish Friendly Marinas

Fish Friendly Marine Infrastructure


More habitat . . . more fish: A strategy for educating recreational fishers about habitat

Revitalising Australia's Estuaries

Native Fish Strategy for the Murray-Darling Basin 2003–2013

Recreational fishers and fish habitat: towards a new paradigm for Australia

Consultation and engagement

Tips for working with recreational fishers

Recreational Fishers and Fish Habitat: Craig Copeland's Churchill Fellowship experience

(In 2013, Craig Copeland, passionate fish habitat rehabilitation advocate, manager of NSW Fisheries’ Conservation Action Unit and initiator of the Fish Habitat Network, completed a Churchill Fellowship  to learn what motivates recreational fishers in USA, UK and Ireland to commit their time to restore fish habitat. Craig met numerous recreational fishers who were just as passionate about rehabilitating fish habitat as they were about fishing. He learnt that actions we are undertaking in NSW and Australia, while far behind what was happening in the Northern Hemisphere, are on the right track.)


Economic contribution of recreational fishing in the Murray Darling Basin (2011)