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We are individuals, communities, organisations and government working together to help make fish happen by protecting and improving habitat that fish need to survive and thrive. Established in NSW in 2009 the Fish Habitat Network has since expanded to include people from other States and Territories to ensure that aquatic environments and fish communities Australia-wide are healthy, diverse and sustainable for future generations.

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Our coastal and estuarine habitats are increasingly under threat from urbanisation and human habitation, so what can we do?

Fish Friendly Marine Infrastructure!
In an effort to manage these areas, coastal infrastructure has been installed to provide access and store marine craft, control erosion and protect assets. This has led to construction of sea walls, marinas, pontoons, jetties and boat moorings which reduce shoreline complexity, increase shading effects, or directly remove habitat..
Fish Tales
Habitats with vegetation such as saltmarshes, mangroves and seagrasses are core elements of the coastal fringe. Historically, saltmarsh has been considered by many as boggy swamps, and the importance of this habitat overlooked. Saltmarsh is term used for a suite salt tolerant plants that occupy the upper end of the tidal range and are inundated on the highest high tides..

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Fish Habitat Network partners contribute resources in-kind and on a voluntary basis to further the group’s objectives.