Habitat Basics

Fish habitat is more than just the water, there are other essential things that fish need to survive and thrive.

What is Fish Habitat?

The first thing that springs to mind is water, but the water has to be the right type (freshwater, estuarine or saltwater), temperature & quantity.

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Spawning habitats vary greatly. Fresh and saltwater fish move within and between waters to seek out mates and suitable habitat to spawn.

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Growing out

The juvenile to adulthood phase of a fish's life cycle is an important and challenging one. The growing fish faces predation, disease, hunger and the risk of drying out.

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Many native fish respond to environmental cues that trigger spawning events such as rises in water level and flow velocity and changes in water.

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Here you'll find handy Fish Fact sheets, informative links to Habitat Basics and interesting Fish Tales.

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Here you'll find some fishy questions and answers!

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