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  • Australian bass
    Australian bass are predatory fish that use estuaries and freshwater during their lifecycle. Because bass are found throughout the length of a river at different times they are potentially affected by
    Bream is one of our most popular fish targeted by recreational fishers. It is a tough and resilient species however the condition of its habitat will determine how many fish we catch in the future.
    Dusky flathead
    Dusky flathead is a popular fish targeted by recreational fishers all along the east coast of Australia. Flathead rely on healthy estuaries. This bottom dwelling fish uses different parts of an estuary at different stages of their lifecycle.
    Murray cod
    The Murray cod is Australia’s largest true freshwater fish and estimated to have been around for 26million years. Once caught in abundance, these mighty fish are now facing serious habitat challenges.
    Mulloway, or Jewish, are one of the fish species most commonly targeted by fishers. Mulloway can be found along the east coast of Australia in estuaries, reefs, beaches, as well as offshore.
    Mangrove Jack
    Mangrove Jack live in coastal waters and rivers from Shark Bay in Western Australia through Torres Straight and Queensland, south to Lake Illawarra in NSW.
    Golden Perch
    Golden perch naturally inhabit the Murray Darling Basin, Dawson, Fitzroy Rivers and the Bulloo and Lake Erye drainages. Slow flowing, lowland rivers are the preferred habitat and flow and migration are important to reproductive success.