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    It’s uncommon for grant programs to specifically fund fish habitat projects, so it is important to watch out for funding opportunities which are related to what you hope to achieve.


    Various funding opportunities are available for fish habitat projects. The Fish Habitat Network Facebook page is a good place for current information on available funding.

    Funding opportunities are often available through:

    • Australian Government e.g. Murray Darling Basin Authority, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian Fisheries Management Authority
    • State and Territory Government e.g. government departments, Catchment Management Authorities, Local Land Services, other Natural Resource Management Groups
    • Local Government
    • Non-Government Organisations, e.g. The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Ozfish Unlimited
    • Corporate sector, i.e. companies wanting to support local communities

    Each year, State and Territory Governments often distribute revenue from the sale of Recreational Fishing Licences to projects that will improve recreationally important fishing populations, angling opportunities, and fish habitat. Examples of these funding opportunities include the New South Wales Habitat Action Grants, Flagship Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Grants, and the Victorian Recreational Fishing Grants Program. Keep an eye out for these!

    Assistance is often available to help you complete grant application forms. Seek help from the funding body, otherwise Fisheries or Conservation Managers, Local Council Environmental Officers and Landcare Community Support Officers are good points of contact.