You’ve done a fantastic job but now what? Who knows about it?

Promoting your project to local and broader networks will provide opportunity for wider recognition of your achievements. Many outcomes for fish habitat have knock-on benefits for the wider community, such as water quality improvements and improved tourism. Other users of these natural resources, such as swimmers, kayakers, boat users, local councils, commercial fishers and oyster farmers, will also benefit from your project. Communicate your success through:

  • a project media release
  • articles in newspapers, popular fishing magazines and fishing related newsletters (e.g. Newstreams)
  • radio programs
  • online web forums
  • presenting talks at club meetings, fishing events, conferences, schools etc.
  • holding a public event, e.g. a field day at your project site

Telling people what you have achieved may help establish future partnerships, facilitate additional funding and resources, and encourage others to implement their own projects.

Most importantly enjoy the fruits of your labours – get out and wet a line in your newly improved habitat!