Mangrove and riparian rehabilitation - Scott's Creek, Manning Estuary

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The riparian corridor of a cattle grazing property located on Scott's Creek, Oxley Island near Taree is substantially modified and subject to active erosion. Excessive nutrient and sediment load from eroding banks was contributing to the smothering of seagrasses and reducing their capacity to provide nursery habitat for juvenile fish. Rock fillets were installed along a 400 m stretch of Scott's Creek to arrest bank erosion and encourage natural recruitment of mangroves and other salt marsh species. Rainforest species were planted along the high bank for long term bank stability and the site was fenced to eliminate livestock access to the affected area. Completed in 2011.

Organisation Private Landholder

Scott Nichols, Ph: (02) 6626 1396, email: [email protected]

Funding Body NSW Habitat Action Grant, in-kind support