Namoi River Demonstration Reach

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A demonstration reach is designed to showcase multiple techniques to restore habitat and encourage native fish back into the waterways. In 2007, a demonstration reach was established along 120 km of the Namoi River between the tributaries of Boggabri and Narrabri Creeks. The project involved undertaking on-ground works to protect and rehabilitate habitat and manage threats to aquatic species, and engaging over 20 landholders and the local community. Since 2007, works that have been achieved include: Re-snagging (100 snags reintroduced), Revegetation (planting of riparian zones and 2000 native aquatic plants), fencing, weed control (including willow removal), providing off-stream stock watering points, implementing a wetland management program. Engagement activities include: establishing two Community Water Quality Monitoring Groups, undertaking four cultural survey days, holding Community Carp Muster Events, workshops and open days, Installing interpretive signage at priority sites along the reach. Anglers help with the monitoring program by recording total catch and fish size and health during their fishing expeditions. Data collected shows apparent 'hot spots', particularly in the Boggabri area, where local fishers have been catching high numbers of native fish and fewer introduced species like carp. Waterways in the Boggabri area have some good remnant habitats that are being linked by rehabilitation efforts of landholders, Council, Local Aboriginal Land Councils and the Livestock Health and Pest Authorities.

Organisation Namoi Catchment Management Authority, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), Riverina Highlands Network

Milly Hobson, (02) 6763 1206, email: [email protected]

Funding Body Murray-Darling Basin Authority The Living Murray program