Port Phillip Bay Boat-based Recreational Fishing Reefs- trialling Rec, Yakka and Tedesco Reefs

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The Port Phillip Bay Recreational Fishing Reefs project involves trialling the deployment of three new artificial reefs (Rec, Yakka and Tedesco Reefs) in Port Phillip Bay offshore from Aspendale, Frankston and Seaford. These reefs were installed in April- May 2009. Each reef consists of 96 concrete reef balls of different sizes (16 pallet balls, 56 bay balls and 24 mini-bay balls) placed in a pattern over an area of 50 square metres. The reefs are expected to be rapidly colonised by marine life, but are likely to take several years to reach their full angling potential. A ecological and recreational fishing monitoring program will assess how various fish species respond to the reefs so the benefit to anglers can be determined.

Organisation Fisheries Victoria

Email:[email protected]

Funding Body Victorian Recreational Fishing Grants Program