Port Phillip Bay Shore-based Recreational Fishing Reefs- trialling Altona, Frankston and Portarlington Reefs

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Building on the success of reefs for boat-based anglers in Port Phillip Bay, Fisheries Victoria plans to create three new reefs for shore-based anglers. These will be deployed in the first half of 2012. Planning and approval involves the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Parks Victoria and other local and State Government departments. The new reefs will be installed within casting distance of Altona Pier, Frankston Pier and Portarlington Pier’s rock-wall section. These locations were chosen based on their environmental and physical attributes and following consultation with representatives of angling representatives, councils and other agencies. By positioning clusters of reef modules a short distance from these piers, fish species targeted by shore-based anglers will become more available. The reefs will also provide habitat for a range of other plant and animal species. Once the new reefs are installed, fisheries scientists will evaluate their performance for two years with help from local anglers.

Organisation Fisheries Victoria

Richard Rogala Ph (03) 9658 4374, Email:[email protected]

Funding Body Victorian Recreational Fishing Grants Program