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    Six videos have been produced to provide an insight into the importance of local community involvement in helping restore native fish numbers.

    These videos document the experiences and achievements of different communities in restoring fish habitat.

    The amazing footage gives viewers a unique bird’s eye view of the Murray-Darling Basin, showing how our waterways interact with the broader landscape.

    “Community and Action = More Fish” is the take home message from each video.
    Recreational fishers make fish happen!
    Inspirational tales of everyday fishers making sure there will be fish their local fishing spots into the future.
    Minding their bass
    Bass Sydney love their bass. Their motto is ‘Look after the environment and the fish will look after themselves’. In this article, Alan shares some of their stories about improving bass habitat in the Sydney region. (By Alan Izzard)
    The Beauty of Bass
    Follow one of Australia’s popular recreational catches – Australian bass, as it surfs over waterfalls, negotiates in-stream barriers and arrives safely at vegetation-lined holes and rocky pools to gorge on fallen insects. (By C. Jenkins, NSW Fishing Monthly, Feb 2009)
    In Cod's Country
    The Murray cod is Australia’s largest true freshwater fish and estimated to have been around for 26million years. Find out how this mighty fish is facing the challenges of living in a modern river system. (By Anthony Townsend, NSW Fishing Monthly July 2010)
    Musing on the Murray
    The fate of a fat witchetty grub hangs in the balance as Australia’s largest freshwater fish – the Murray cod, hunts in the twisted limbs of fallen timber. Discover what the future holds for this beautiful majestic fish. (By Caitlin Howlett, Go Fishing, February 2008)
    Rings of River History
    The tragic tale of the death of an old Murray Cod led Simon Kaminskas to muse on its life from tiny fry to river giant. (Published in Fishing World, 2004)
    Creeks, Cod and Riparian Vegetation
    Simon Kaminskas takes a look at where Cod were once found and now are not and reflects on the value of riparian vegetation.
    Golden River Treasures
    Join the golden perch on its epic journey upstream to safe spawning grounds. Follow the perilous journey of their young as they travel back downriver and find out what these golden treasures need to survive and thrive. (By Charlotte Jenkins, NSW Fishing Monthly, April 2009)