Reinstating natural flow- Darawakh Creek / Frogalla Swamp wetland rehabilitation

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The Darawakh Creek and Frogalla Swamp wetland complex is located in the Wallamba River catchment near Forster. The area has highly reactive acid sulfate soils. In the 1950s, large drains were constructed to mitigate floods which altered the biodiversity and hydrology of the wetland complex. The impact of the drainage system, plus overgrazing from livestock, loss of native vegetation and burning, led to acid immobilisation and export into the catchment. An extensive wetland remediation project was initiated to reduce acid outflows. Activities undertaken included infilling or decommissioning 80 % of the artificial drainage network, removing two of the five major levees and floodgates, removing grazing cattle, controlling weeds and planting native vegetation. Fish habitat has been enhanced by reintroducing the natural hydrology and improving water quality (pH has increased from 2.77 to approximately 6.0). Completed in 2007.

Organisation Great Lakes Council

Scott Nichols, Ph: (02) 6626 1396, email: [email protected]

Funding Body NSW Habitat Action Grant, in-kind support