Restoring fish passage at Dargavilles Crossing, Wallamba River

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Culverts at Dargavilles Crossing, Wallamba River, are set on a concrete apron which is raised above the river bed level creating a headloss that prevented native fish such as Australian Bass, mullet, eels, gudgeons and galaxids from migrating at times of low flow. Fish passage was restored at Dargavilles Crossing through construction of a full-width rock-ramp fishway. Cost savings achieved at Dargavilles Crossing allowed for a second fishway to be constructed at Rheinbergers Crossing, Gloucester River and the scoping of a third crossing remediation (on the Wallamba River). Completed in 2010

Organisation Greater Taree City Council

Dr. Matthew Gordos, Ph: (02) 6626 1395, email: [email protected] or Scott Nichols, Ph: (02) 6626 1396, email: [email protected]

Funding Body NSW Habitat Action Grant, in-kind support