Revegetating Leary's Creek

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"Leary’s Creek, near Marysville, contains one of the few remaining populations of nationally endangered Barred Galaxias. Leary’s Creek was affected by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.  Most of the vegetation was burnt around the creek, which reduced water quality by allowing more silt and ash into the creek and removed important habitat for Barred Galaxias. The fires also damaged the predator barrier in Leary’s Creek which prevents trout from moving into the section used by the Barred Galaxias. Immediately after the bushfires, Barred Galaxias were rescued from the creek and housed in captivity until habitat conditions improved. Revegetation work was needed to help Leary's Creek recover sufficiently to support the return of the resuced Barred Galaxias and support individuals that remained, which was vital for the survival of the population and the species overall. Damage to the predator barrier was repaired and native tree planting day was held at Leary’s Creek. Over thirty people turned up to plant trees, including members of the Australian Trout Foundation, Marysville Youth Incorporated and Department of Sustainability and Environment. Key achievements include: planting of over 200 native trees along Leary’s Creek to improve habitat for Barred Galaxias, improved alliances between Australian Trout Foundation and the Department of Sustainability and Environment, and engaging the local community to improve understanding of the importance of habitat for fish and knowledge of Barred Galaxias. 

Organisation Australian Trout Foundation, Marysville Youth Incorporated, Department of Sustainability and Environment

Fern Hames, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Arthur Rylah Institute, Ph. (03) 5772 0273

Funding Body Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority