Wilcannia Make More Fish?

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The project delivered a variety of on-ground works and community awareness activities to enhance native fish habitat in the Darling River near Wilcannia, north western NSW. Key outcomes of the project included benchmarking of fish assemblages at six sites within the Wilcannia Weir pool, reinstatement of 528 large woody habitats across 11 sites, delivery of community awareness and engagement through a community information day and carp muster, installation of bilingual signage promoting the importance of native fish habitat and traditional fishing practices and enhanced awareness through training opportunities. The project also made a contribution toward the recovery of listed aquatic threatened species, populations and communities and amelioration of key threatening processes. Completed in 2009.

Organisation Western Catchment Management Authority [now Local Land Services], NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries)

Scott Nichols, Ph: (02) 6626 1396, email: [email protected]

Funding Body Western Catchment Management Authority